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Wireless Flexibility with NEC

In today’s constantly changing climate businesses need to be flexible to remain efficient. Therefore, communications should be adaptive as well. This is why NEC’s Univerge IP phones are an excellent choice.

With a device called the WFA-Z adapter you can change a desktop telephone set into a wireless extension.  Since it’s designed to fit into the expansion slot on the bottom of the Univerge IP set, the WFA-Z adapter can extend NEC’s telephone systems flexibility.  And it can eliminate the need for a costly cable install by working off of your existing wireless router.

And the performance is excellent.  Because it has a built in smart antenna for strong reception and transmission. Also, it utilizes the latest international wireless Clear Channel Assessment (CCA) technology. As a result, it can automatically adjust its bandwidth mode to ensure quality and avoid channel interference.

The WFA-Z is another reason NEC is a leader in telecommunications for business.

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